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GM / UAW Timeline

The front page is making hay that GM was playing games with plant closures as part of their negotiation scheme. I’m wondering if it was more the case that they smelled blood in the water with the whole UAW corruption probe...

Dec. 2017 - “Joe Ashton, a retired UAW vice president, suddenly resigned from his position on GM’s board of directors in December, a month after The Detroit News reported that federal investigators were “interested” in him and Cindy Estrada, his successor leading the union’s GM department.” (


July 13, 2018- Monica Morgan sentenced in UAW-FCA corruption scandal

Nov. 26, 2018 - GM announces that Lordstown, Hamtramck, Baltimore transmission, Warren transmission will be ‘unallocated’


Mary Barra is no dummy. She knows which plants are going to be underutilized based on sales forecasts of the models made there. This information can’t be put together overnight, but they had significant time between when the rumors came out following the FCA scandal and when the announcement was released. It conveniently fits halfway between the rumors connecting the GM UAW and the end of the contract...

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