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gmctavish's 2018 in review

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This seems to be the Thing To Do this year instead of favourite photos, but I’ll probably do one of those too. Alright let’s see how much I can remember.


I successfully swapped a Weber 38 onto the Raider, and got it running better than it ever has. There were other things done to the Raider, but that’s the most notable

I sold one camera (Nikon D5100) and bought two (Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 and XE-7).

Finished a whole year of not buying or selling a car, which is my longest streak since I bought my first car, I think.


Worked my ass off at work and got a decent raise, and two bonuses.

Didn’t do nearly enough seeing friends, going on day or weekend trips, or anything at all beyond small trips.


Rediscovered how much I can enjoy taking pictures, almost entirely thanks to my significant other suggesting we get a cheap film camera.

Drank some properly good beer.

Next year I need to do more car things, see more people, take more photos, go more places, and make more money.

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