I’ve got a vibration from 65-ish mph on upwards. I thought I had a broken belt in one of my fairly questionable tires. I had tried getting them balanced previously to no avail, so I proceeded to blow 700 bucks on new tires... Still there. Was it the aftermarket wheels? Swapped on some stock wheels... Still there.

It’s not consistent. It comes and goes, sometimes barely noticeable, other times it’s like a jackhammer.

I know I need a front end rebuild. My steering is pretty loosey goose due to worn tie rod ends, and the front shocks are toast. However, I don’t ever really feel the vibration through the steering wheel. It just feels like its throughout the entire truck.

It’s a low-frequency vibration that goes right in synch with the rpm of the tires, so I’ve dismissed the theory of a bad u-joint.


I’m just at a loss and tired of throwing money at it, but I have no idea where to go from here with troubleshooting.

I’m driving it to the Grand Canyon on Saturday. I may just push it in when I get there.