The kind folks at the sobriety meetings recommend that when you are tempted, to talk the temptation to a buddy, bring it to the light instead of the dark corners of your addicted mind, and make the temptation go away, ergo, here is my CL lust of the day:

Yep, that’s a 1995 3000GT VR4 Spyder Manual, that has gone through a previous dark tale of molestation and exploitation. The sad story, told by the voice of the tormented villain, tells the tale of many turbos added and many dark horses, but then on a dark, stormy night, our villain “confused” methanol for 110 Octane gas, as one would have next to each other in the garage of torture, and this was the darkest shade of Grey to do to one of the rarest cars out there... now, repented, a few electrical gremlins are mentioned. All of this can be mine for a measly $9,500.... here in CL ad:


So, brothers, I confess that despite the sad story told, I’m still lusting terribly for this car, and my bank account is strong, but my spirit is weak.... what say you Sober Opponauts? Tell the devil to go away please....

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