Even though it was stated to be pretty good, the Trax is getting exclusively bashed on the FP for the most part.

YetI can almost guarantee if that had a Toyota or Hyundai or literally anything but a GM-centric badge on the front it would be praised. And frankly, the whole "Oh GM is the antichrist blah-blah-blah recalls, ignition switch deaths." bullshit is getting really, really, really Old.

Shit, even the article about the Colorado winning Truck of the Year on Motor Trend had comments bashing the Colorado and calling it a failure... Even though it had just won Truck of the fucking Year!! Beating the damn all-aluminum F-150 with it's EcoBoost magic!


And I just noticed a couple days ago on my SS thing that got FP'd that whoever published it there said "Logansteno, somehow still a GM fan." Somehow? I'm sorry that I can look past them "stealing our tax dollars" and whatever the fuck else they've done (which at this point might be everything in the world, including global warming and starting WWII) and see they build good, and in some cases world beating cars.