Go for one last ride, they said... (Update - back home!)

Riding the TDM in to work today and it cut out on me not long into the ride. I think the battery is shot as it won’t turn over despite being full of gas. PO sent a spare with it so I’m guessing he knew it was old or weak. Waiting on a tow now. How’s your morning going, Oppo?

Update! First tow truck showed up and the guy had never towed a bike so they sent out the next one. Took about three hours all said and done. Got the bike off the truck, he sees the pinched throttle grip and just kinda shrugged and got in the truck and drove off. Not the end of the world but I’m a bit salty today so yeah, I’m calling out that little buttmunch. Company did apologize and waived the pickup fee and just made me pay for mileage which was about 20$. So not the end of the world, if I’m honest. But still, thanks buttmunch. Real A+ effort all around -_-


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