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Go Kart World - A Review

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This past Saturday, I went to the Mushroom Rally at K1 Torrance. Similar to another Oppo user, also thanks to Immoral Minority. That event was “neat” but considering we only got two races at most, we were fixing for more go karting that day.


Afterwards, myself and another Oppo [username redacted] went down to Go Kart World since it was purported online to have “45 mph go karts” and “$14 races”. There was some bullshit about buying tickets and that the races cost 2 tickets which cost $7 each. But we ignored that part and figured, okay it is $14 a race which is really good. No mention of anything else needed so it seemed legitimate. Well when we showed up, it was nice and confusing for sure!


I will try and detail the “process” in order to actually get on the track and race the real go karts. The “SUPER TRACK” was the real race course and seeing the layout, made it seem pretty neat (in theory).

Step 1: Sign the waivers before entering the facility (okay this is normal)

Step 2: Go to the desk to purchase “tickets”. This was convoluted to all hell. Tickets cost $7 a piece sure, that was the easy part. But thanks to the next couple of steps it will be way harder than you would think.

Step 3: Before racing the real karts on the real track, you have to “test out” of the slower karts on other tracks. This was not explained at all. You also have to pay for each of the “tests” which was not clear how much each cost or how many tickets we would need just to get to the real race. We had to sit down and do math to figure it out.

Step 4: Tickets cost $7 a piece. Or it is $30 for 5 tickets. Or it is $50 for 9 tickets. Only problem is we needed 1 ticket a piece for the first test, 1 ticket a piece for the second test, and then 2 tickets for the real race; 4 in total each. The tickets were shareable at least so it was most cost effective to buy 9 for $50 and just hold onto/throw out the last one. Okay so now that “$14 race” had become a $25 race..


Step 5: Wait in line for the shitty kids karts on a small circle track. Didnt even need a helmet so it was definitely not worth our time. Thankfully we were able to pay the tickets and just get it signed off without wasting the time in the “race”.

Step 6: Wait in line for the shitty kids karts on the real track. At least this one was the real track so it was kind of like parade laps. These karts though, were laughably bad. It was so bad that it was fun to some degree. The karts bouced around on every bump (this track had many bumps), the gas engines were less than reliable (plenty of hiccups), and the elevation change led to sputtering. I resorted to wildly swerving across the course to make the kart drive erattically because that was more fun than just puttering around.


Step 7: Go pay $2 for a license that took about 15 minutes to print. Bringing our new total to $27 for a single race. At least the real cost would be $14 if we ever went back but I dont think I want to go back haha.

Step 8: Wait for the real race since they only run them once per hour. Due to the shitty karts running constantly on the big track. At least we had time to pick out our karts since apparently not all of them ran properly and some were far faster than others. Cool.


Step 9: Finally get out on the real track with real karts!!!

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Step 10: It was actually flipping enjoyable. Sure the gas karts were not in any way equal to each other. But they oversteered like crazy on this course and this led to very fun spinouts. It was enjoyable watching people get stuck in the wall due to spin outs and not ever get help getting out because the attendants didnt seem to care.

OVERALL REVIEW: It was terrible. The end.

But really, it was very fun despite all of the bullshit. If you want a terrible karting experience but just want to fuck around for a few hours with gas powered things in a safe-ish environment, it isnt a bad way to spend $30. They didnt even track timing soooo it was definitely not a legitimate karting experience.

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