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Go Karting at NJMP

Today I did outdoor go Karting at NJMP in Millville, NJ. Lots of fun! Above is a video of the nice wipe out of one of my friends in turn one. It’s like he didn’t even try to turn haha. Very fast course and unfortunately some of the carts were totally better than others. I came in first place out of 13 of us and beat the second place car with a 46.6 to 48.1, that’s nearly two whole seconds! Everyone else was in the 49s range. And it’s not like they were slow, I came in 7th in the first race in the 49 range like everybody else. Just must have had a super cart!

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Of course we all showed up in go karts for the street so it was a natural day of driving for everybody. Except the Ferrari with straight piped exhaust, that car is just a full on race car and amazing.

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