2.5 hours at an indoor rock gym in good ole Va Beach yesterday. Auto belay and freeclimbing on some technical walls. This was only my second time ever going and of course I was showing off since my sister brought one of her friends along.

Im no professional climber, nor a professional body builder, but you better believe I was pulling off some ridiculous hang n pulls. I was a regulation Spiderman, sans the whole web shooting thing. (Granted I am the type that can crank out 20 pull ups at will so that helped)

But holy hell was it fun. And I’m paying for it too! It’s actually incredibly difficult right now trying to take apart my dash to get my new cluster in. My fingers are chop meat currently .. so many blisters. But I implore you to go try it - just don’t expect much dexterity in your hands the next day or plan on working on your vehicle.