I listen to several podcasts, among them including The Hooniverse Podcast, The Smoking Tire, Autoblog’s Podcast, and Everyday Driver Car Debate. In the not so distant past I worked for the University of Michigan’s public media service. I really enjoyed a lot of public radio shows, but to be honest radio is pretty inconvenient. I turned to podcasting to fill the void, but I never found a podcast with the same intellectual capital that I found on public radio. I know they’re out there, but I still like to mostly listen to car related podcasts.


Enter Autoblog’s Dan Roth. Dan is a creative type with an unbridled fascination with cars. He’s not that into hypercars for instance, but he does like to understand the ins and outs of how cars work and even more importantly he loves the personal interaction we have with our cars. He looks at how cars impact our lives in a very practical way. To partially satiate this need Dan began producing The Extra Mile (It’s on ShoutEngine and iTunes). He doesn’t have a lot of episodes up though.

In order to produce his work in an NPR-like fashion, he needs some help. Your help. If a few hundred of you chipped in as little as $1, you could help Dan move on to the next level. He has managed to bring Autoblog’s podcast to one of the top auto-related podcasts. There’s no reason to believe he couldn’t do it again.

How is the Extra Mile different? It’s not a gabfest, which I do love, like the Hooniverse or The Smoking Tire. It’s really a quiet, relaxing look into various facets of the automotive world. It’s like a warm automotive hug in fact. His work makes you think, remember, and develop your inner and outer auto enthusiast even more.

Open up your credit card and get all of us some more quality content.

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