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It’s been said many times but I’ll say it again: whatever you are driving, a track day is a ton of fun.

Last week I got the opportunity to learn to drive quickly from one of the best teachers on one of the best tracks in North America. Marie-Laurence Paquin is an instructor/racecar driver/stunt driver and was absolutely incredible at teaching the intricacies of Calabogie Motorsports Park.


She was a little unsure of my car choice, a 1984 Buick Regal, but I figured it would be fun with the small block, T56 tranny, 4.11 posi and some half-decent shocks and springs. Not to mention it is probably the most reliable car I have.

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Starting with an in-depth explanation of each corner of the track and a quick run through the slalom to get a little confidence in the abilities of the boat I’d be taking around the track, it was time to put our helmets on and hit the track.

I have to say I was a little nervous with the obviously faster cars coming out on the track with me (mostly modified Evos) but everyone is very patient and courteous about passing zones and not crowding you. I even managed to catch a 1996 RX7 with a single turbo the size of a watermelon!


All this to say even if you think your car isn’t the best track car, just go out and have fun, it doesn’t matter how fast you are.

I pieced together a complete lap of the car, please forgive the editing:


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