Goals: 2 Seater Roadster?

Oppo-ers. I’m about to turn 27 and I have decided by the time I turn 30 I want to buy a 2 seater roadster. For years I’ve been longing the c7, and have been SO close to buying one, but for one reason or another things fell through.

Now with more retrospective, I’ve decided to wait until I’ve paid 100% of my debt off including current car, motorcycle, student loans and CC debt (thanks ex-wife).

Here are options I’m eye balling and why I like them:

  • c7 Z51 - v8, magnetic ride, GOOD fuel economy for road trips, removable top, needs few mods to be done. BADS: $$, upkeep/repair
  • c6 grand sport - v8, wide body, cheaper than newer c7, removable top. BADS: older car, feels aged, $$, repair costs

I’ve considered going back to a non-convertible/removable top. I had a 370z nismo which i LOVED and deeply regret selling, but I’m so in favor for the light chassis + v8, I don’t know if I want to go back to the asthmatic V6. I’ve also considered a Z4, S2k, and miata, but truth be told I’m sort of wanting a v8 for obvious reasons.

What do you all like/want? budget is about 45k TOPS.

Snap from bike ride with friends the other day (mine is the Street Triple):


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