Goal: Yesterday I learned that the American Lancia Club’s West Coast Reunion will be held very close to me in May of next year. I would love to have this thing on the road for it, cosmetics be damned. And if I can make that, maybe I can make Concorso Italiano next August and troll the field with my “patina”.

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Reality: That’s a lot of work to do and parts required, for which I have neither the time or money at the moment. I need to find cylinder heads & have them machined, split the engine case for inspection and source whatever I find necessary, put that back together, rebuild the carbs, have an exhaust fabricated, rebuild the brake booster, master and all the Girling calipers, machine ( or replace) the rotors, service the axles & bearings, refinish the engine compartment (because why install a fresh engine in a dirty bay), rebush the front end (which means refinish the subframe, braces, and arms because I don’t want to do it twice) rebuild the generator, thoroughly check the electricals, address some surface rust on the body, and so many more little things, and that’s just to make it what I would call roadworthy. And I’ll need to put some miles on it for proper fettling before I dare venture out of town, so that needs to be accounted for. And before I do any of that, I need to clean and organize the garage, again, because it continually fills up with the detritus of dad life and our storage is limited. That alone will take weekends. Sigh.


So many great projects around here give me inspiration, but I don’t know if I can pull it off in time. Something cool to shoot for, at least. Even if I don’t make it, hopefully some progress can be made.

Seems meaningless to think about project cars when Houston is underwater and the world has so many other problems for the dad in me to fret over, but you know what? This is good respite for the mind.

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