No, not those cute fuzzy things that eat your homework and your teacher doesn’t believe you even after doing a show and tell on your pet goats, but now I am off topic. What I am talking about is my 2006 Pontiac GTO. So after having the car almost a year and putting 20k miles on it and still not finished my review, small issues have started to pop up. Most of it trim related and such, but one that has me baffled is my clutch issue. So I had the car in the air cause I was doing an oil change and days previously I had noticed a smell that seemed like hot oil, but slightly different. I have decided that, after cleaning the underside of my car and adding dye to the oil, it is clutch fluid leaking out somewhere from the slave cylinder because the fluid seems to be coming from a small slit in the bell housing. The weird thing is that when I hit it hard in first gear and go to grab second, the clutch pedal has lost feeling and will engage and disengage only in the last few inches of pedal travel. My boss who also owns a GTO suggested I start with a fluid flush before I have them remove the trans, cause that would be way too expensive. What do you all think? Thanks

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