Goat Repair

GTO/Monaro lift locations if you’re interested (2 post use #2)

They finished my GTO today. I of course helped out alot because Holden and US tech that doesn’t work on them much. I spent my lunch break helping them trying to bleed my clutch cause some reason they couldn’t figure it out. Yes it took the whole hour break.... 7.5 weeks later and I have: a new clutch (LS7), new flywheel, fixed input shaft, single piece driveshaft, new rear main seal, new shift boot, proper shift knob (to replace shitty aftermarket one), better aftermarket short shift stick, and found out that my car had an aftermarket shifter assembly! It cost quite a bit and that is without the driveshaft on the repair bill, which is below if you are interested, buffer image if you aren’t. Thank god I get an employee discount.


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