I just washed my car out in the sunny, but blustery, afternoon sun. Towels were flying around, neighbors commented on how I “missed a spot”, and I felt pressured to get it all washed and waxed before the sun went down.

I stood there looking at my little GTI in the driveway and wished I had a garage.

I think if I had a garage I’d attempt to tackle brake jobs and other more technical jobs I’m afraid of trying now. I don’t try these jobs because my workspace is an asphalt driveway - nosy neighbors, weather conditions, security (can’t leave expensive tools out overnight), and a general frowning down on of car repairs by the neighbors, all lead me to be a wimp when it comes to car repairs.

At least with detailing my car it’s hard work, but can all be cleaned up in 15 minutes. And there’s no chance of failure. I might skip polishing my tips (heh, heh,) but it’s not like I won’t be able to drive my car (unlike if were to attempt to upgrade my downpipe, strip a bolt, and be stuck).

Anyway, Godspeed to my fellow garage-less, tool-less, and somewhat mechanically clue-less “car guys and gals”. Keep on doing what it is you do and keep enjoying your ride, garage nor no.

PS. I bought a powerball ticket. If I win, I’m buying a garage dammit.

PPS. Notice polished tips below. :)