Illustration for article titled God built the world, but the Dutch built Holland.

I have just boarded my flight back to Los Angeles from London after a nice 10 day trip to the Netherlands. My travels allowed me to see quite a majority of the country thanks to the robust transit system and dedicated biking networks. While the Dutch aren’t known for their food, their works of engineering through the centuries are certainly impressive. I still managed find excellent food though and didn’t pay very much for it either. Always nice to eat in Europe where 30% of the bill is simply missing since restaurants actually pay their employees and taxes are included in the menu price. Anyways, full story with a photo dump to come soon after I get home and recover from some jet lag before I get out on another trip in short order. While I’m sad my girlfriend has gone and moved across the pond, at least the Netherlands is a fun place to visit and provides plenty of opportunities to explore elsewhere on the continent. Switzerland (by train) is next month, Sweden or Norway in May, and back to the Alps again somewhere in July.


(plane wifi ain’t gonna let me upload photos so I’ll update this later)


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