I took the truck to work today because the bmw "needs gas" (I say that in quotes because the gas gauge doesn't work, the odo just broke and the range computer is inaccurate but I don't trust myself pushing my luck). Sometime on my way home, within 15 minutes of my trip or so, my fucking tailpipe snapped off!

I heard something clanking on my way home on right turns only. I had a feeling it was my exhaust but I wasn't to sure. Well I pulled in the driveway and shit, I was right. I'll have to rip the tailpipe off. At least it broke after the muffler so it doesn't sound like a redneck truck.

it has a slight bit more bass to it, which was my second clue as I was driving home. "It sounds kind of different?" Well of course it does its missing a third of the exhaust!