The only time I don’t bring my phone somewhere and a goddamn Ferrari California rolls by.

Figured hey, I’m just running down the road to Walgreens to pick up a prescription, what do I need my phone for? Turns out I need it to take a picture of a GODDAMN FERRARI.

I know some of you a probably wondering why I’m so worked up over a front-engined, convertible Ferrari mostly driven by trophy wives, but where I live anything more expensive than a Tahoe is uber-rare. Something like a Ferrari, even one as meh as the California is damn near unheard of.

There was also a spotless E30 in this wonderful grey-blue I’ve never seen before. That almost surprised me more than the California. Looked like this but was a coupe:


Let this be a reminder to always bring my phone with me literally everywhere. You never know what you’ll see.