so my mum recently paid £150 for a citroen xsara picasso 2.0 hdi and oh my god do i hate it, the pedals are so close together that when i use the clutch i press the brakes as well. also the £100 on welding that it needed the broken cv boot, the washers not working and the fact that every bolt and nut is so rusty that you snap them rather than undoing them.

today i replaced the cv boot and tires, i also did the washers for the windscreen..... i hate them.

the water in the washer bottle had been there for a long time unused.... it stunk and i got a mouth full when i pulled the motor out of the bottle, all the wiring for it is fucked. iv had to make my own small loom for the washer and wipers because almost every wire i found is broken in some way, so now the stalk works the wipers and a small button works the washers. originally i hoped a replacement stalk would fix the issue but then i remembers this is a french car with french wiring.


i have so many cuts and scrapes on my hands and arms from all the rough edges all over the car. but finally its done and going for its M.O.T now. hopefully it passes so it can be sold to the next sucker owner.

pictures of the kind of car i was working on just incase you have never seen one, thats not the actual car just some random pictures off google. if you ever have the urge to own one please seek medical advice.