god damn i've been watching AvE all day

The videos on the Dysons were enlightening. I thought they were the shit but it’s all hype. I guess they may perform better in some cases but it’s not worth the money you pay for marketing.

I think the “wand massager” video was fucking hilarious since he was so uncomfortable with it, When he attached the “cuntstain-tongueglide” [sic] inserts to the motor counterweight I lost it. Without a doubt it added some more “chooch fer yer factor”.That whole breakdown was just so funny.


The Juicero breakdown was incredible. I noticed the machining immediately and understood why he was so stoked about how skookum that shit was. No belts, but step-down gearing and he said it was basically at least a $1000 build sold for $300 or some kind of crazy price. That kind of CNC work using billet aluminium was god damn technical pornography.

I love this channel: it’s a man that speaks my language but with an excellent technical knowledge. The man’s a Ricky with a brain (I’m assuming good ol’ Canadian boys will know what the fuck I’m talking about).

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