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God damnit.

It blew out again.

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Photo: My fucking smartphone camera, Kinja you needy bitch.

I don’t know whether I try fancy high-temp RTV this time, or if I go for the gold and take off the Hydraulic pump to get in there and thread the fucker... Problem is it leads straight to the cam oil galleries and I don’t want to introduce metal shavings into that area (obviously). I also don’t want to pull the cam because that requires disassembling the entire front of the tractor including removing the loader, front tin, and the entire cooling system.

Bollocks, as the Brits would say. Second cut hay is coming right up...

(refresher below)


I reiterate, from the previous times: Why In Everloving Fuck is that plug not threaded? Its not like oil channels need a freeze plug?! Maybe I can braze it in, or just tack weld it... Of course the block is cast iron... I'm actually not sure if the plug is steel or aluminum, I've never had it actually out, but it looks like it's probably steel... I'm leaning toward brazing quite hard... Thoughts Oppo? 

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