So I cannot find a curated list of either videos or torrents of Fifth Gear beginning with season 1. Granted I have mostly been searching on mobile devices, which lack the requisite app interfaces to really cull my results as well as using a full-on computer. But still, it shouldn't be this difficult to start at the beginning of a show and binge-watch to catch up, without paying enough to buy a small house in the process.

The same goes for Wheeler Dealers. Just because I live too far away to swim there, doesn't mean I don't enjoy British television as well. And, I am aware that Velocity has been showing the WD love. I think I've seen everything they have in their catalogue, and it certainly feels like it's only about 4 seasons worth of selected episodes.

This is why people pirate media. It's not really about price any more. I'd pay a reasonable fee for all this content, as long as I am getting it un-molested, un-altered, and un-cut; exactly as it was shown in its respective country of origin.

People pirate now mostly because its vastly more convenient to have actual files, in a universal format that can be played on any device at any time without the need/cost of having a high-speed broadband connection.

If someone wanted to really create a meaningful discussion about how terrible modern copyright law has become, instead of hacking into iTunes/Amazon/GooglePlay to steal people's money, they should credit people's accounts.

Overload the system with so much money that people are buying too much, and watch what happens when those same Media Outlets try to revoke those licenses.


The public outcry about not owning their media would be deafening.

*CMA: I'm not advocating anyone actually do this. I was only speaking hypothetically....Why do I hear helicopters?