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Goddamn, I Hate My Job. (sometimes you gotta send your petty bullshit into the universe so it doesn't consume you)


It’s easier than anyone else’s job but the boss makes it awful. She’s spiteful and mean and comes in and checks up on me after she’s supposed to be gone for the day. She suggests things that are ridiculous and expects me to just do them (I was supposed to take 500+ golf balls and see if they float, if they didn’t I was to just put them back with the others anyway). She wants me to have an employee in costume scaring customers for the next month (I only have 3) it’s all nonsense and I just want to start getting my GI Bill checks so I can fuck off again. I have to work every Friday and miss the only 2 HPDE events I was planning on going to as well. I have to work on my girlfriend’s birthday because there is no one else who can close. Fuckin’ tired of it. Thank god it’s temporary.


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