In 2016 I made a mistake, or a series of mistakes: I traded in a 2013 Honda CR-V that was almost out of it’s lease for a 2007 Acura MDX that was just a hair under 100,000 miles and it would be financed for six years. When we were signing the paperwork, my wife convinced me to get the extended warranty.

The warranty would be better used as a toilet paper as over the last two years I’ve had to: replace a key (there was only one available when we bought this shitbox), replace the timing chain, replace the tires, replace the brakes, replace the motor-mounts, get a new power-steering hose (the one that requires dropping the subframe), some of the important fluids (brake, transmission, power steering), the battery, and now the fucking alternator is shot.

I do not claim to be a mechanic, I can do some of the basics, like oil changes, plugs, and the like, but shelling out the money every couple months to fix this damn thing is killing me.


I fucking despise this car and I want to only drive it off a cliff.

Meanwhile, I’ve had my 2012 GTI a year and I’ve only had to do an oil change and swap out the filters.

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.

The MkI GTI pic is for whatever fees are necessary for my rant. 

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