After getting my wife’s Versa’s passenger side airbag replaced 6 months ago, they just now informed us that the driver’s side also has a recall. The letter from Nissan said that she shouldn’t drive it because that’s how you get shrapnel. The letter also said that the repairs would be available sometime in spring of 2018.

Um, you didn’t feel it necessary to warn us about the driver’s airbag when you fixed the passenger side? Thanks, Nissan.

Also, the dealership has been nice and shitty about this. Nissan USA promised a rental car until the repair is ready, mostly paid for by the Takata settlement, I’m sure. However, the dealership’s response when my wife tried to set up an appointment for the rental was “are you having problems with the airbag right now?”

“Yes, I have shrapnel embedded in my face, thanks for asking.”

They’re giving us a rental car sometime this week, supposedly. As for the Versa (2009), my wife still loves it and wants to keep it after the recall is performed. I’ve tried to talk her into something new, but she loves that Versa. Even though it’s not an “enthusiast” car, it is built with a level of simplicity that does not exist anymore. Also, there’s a lot of sentimental attachment for us, since it was our first big purchase right before getting married.