This past weekend I finally decided to get to work on my GTV6's AC system. It's dammit hot in Texas, and that means without air I can only comfortably drive the car a few months of the year.

To kick things off, I also decided to install new valve cover and spark plug gaskets, and why not check valve clearances too. I knew the previous owner had used a liquid gasket for the job. I had no idea it would ruin my weekend.

Long story short, I can't get the covers off. I posted up in the Facebook Oppo group and got some ideas, but nothing panned out. Heat, solvent, lubricant, razors, mallets, prying, tapping, tugging. Just stuck.

I did get the dead York AC compressor and condenser removed (which also involved draining the coolant system and removing the radiator, which was a hoot), and I only need to find a way to get to the expansion valve so I can flush the evaporator before installing the new compressor, receiver/drier, and parallel flow condenser. Hopefully the hoses and fittings are OK (fingers crossed).

Well, this morning at 4 am as I was feeding my 1 year old who for some ungodly reason decided that was a perfectly acceptable time to wake up, had a mild epiphany.

So the engine is all aluminum. I have to be very careful about scoring surfaces, so going to work with a chisel is out of the question. BUT, what if I got myself a bolt that was a bit longer than the ones used to affix the cover to the head, and ground down the threads where it would insert into the head. Then bolt into cover, a few small turns, and theoretically it SHOULD act like a jack and pop the cover free.


Is that a workable theory?

Oh, and while I'm at it, I found this Beta branded screwdriver wedged between the exhaust manifold and the frame. Beta is an Italian tool brand...