Might not get to AutoX this weekend. I’m pretty livid right now. (rant)

Apparently my grandma called my mom and asked if my sister and I could come to her house this weekend. No explanation of why. This is complicated by the fact that my mom and uncles intended to call my grandma this weekend and tell her that she’s moving to an assisted living apartment in 2 weeks (her dementia is rapidly getting very bad).


My sister is an elementary teacher (read: patience level over 9000) so she does very well with her, I don’t. I get frustrated, I know it’s not her fault so I have internalize the frustration, which just combines with the emotional disaster that is seeing someone you love’s mind slipping away. It absolutely wrecks me, but it’s my grandma.

Basically, I won’t say no. Which means the $1000 worth of tires and brakes I finally pulled the trigger on won’t get put on the car or used this week, and I may well miss the next event because of a tux fitting for my friends’ wedding.

Life can just fuck the hell off right now.