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Username once again relevant. Jolene drove fine all the way home. I got there and tried to pop the radio out so I could get it to function, then my brother got home from work and recommended I just go to best buy and get a radio that would let me use bluetooth. It seemed like a better idea, so I put the key in and cranked.

Noooooooooooope. She’s not having it.

Remembering that it’s sometimes a hard start on a hill (both sides of the street by the driveway were taken already), I cranked again, this time giving it some gas.


Nooooooooooooope. Jolene, man, come on.

Went inside, grabbed my VAG-COM cable and laptop, away we go.

Today’s lucky numbers are: P0131, P0341, and P1128. P0131 is the pre-cat O2 sensor. That wouldn’t stop me. (In a previous post, I change that sensor and passed emissions. 200 miles later, it was fouled from running rich and the code came back.) P0341 is the hall effect sensor from the distributor, which has also been around forever. Again, not a pressing concern, though it pulls timing which may be the reason I fouled an O2 sensor.


Now, the P1128 is related to the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor. It’s time to look to the Bible.

Illustration for article titled Goddamnit

“Yeah man, VWs are reliable.”

UPDATE: I rolled it out of the driveway and pushed it to the side of the road with my brother. I cranked and I cranked then cranked some more until it fired. It sounded like it was choking for a while, then started running as smooth as ever (ie, feather the gas when you want to idle). The leading theory is that the car is 22 years old and either the fuel pump or sending unit is weak. Whatever. I just won’t park on a hill.


The weekend is soon and Rockauto is a click away.

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