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Going Commando for $5,850

Not my thing but seems like a good rig.

Amazing 73 Jeepster Commando

304 V8 Engine

3 speed Berg Werner transmission

4 wheel drive

Actual mileage unknown

It’s been a fun father-son project but now it’s time to pay for college.

New in the last two years:

Roll bar

Floor boards


Gas tank

Edelbrock Carb

Seat belts


Bikini top

Exterior paint

2” lift

Door rubber

Window whiskers

Rebuilt the transmission and transfer case

Added stereo/speakers

Heated and power seats!! These were used from a Nissan Maxima 😉

Power train is very strong, this Jeep can handle just about any trail you want to do. It’s powerful engine and 4wd low crawl over anything. There are no leaks, engine through differential are fairly tight.

We’ve fixed or replaced darn near everything but a few things remaining:

* Exhaust headers, pipe & mufflers

* Driver’s side window needs glass

* Interior needs paint

We originally were going to rebuild the engine but never did because it’s running so well. It burns a little oil but still has great power

Illustration for article titled Going Commando for $5,850
Illustration for article titled Going Commando for $5,850

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