I work about 2.5 miles from my home, so to walk from my car, and drive home takes 10 minutes. This gives me 40 minutes of my home, in peace and quiet. And I can watch tv or lay on the couch and no need to pack a lunch.

I’ve been working my job for 3 years and did it for the first time last week. In all honesty, I was biking 90% of the time so going home was not really an option and will probably start biking more again soon but driving home for lunch is nice.

Today I watched the first part of Top Gear episode where they are driving around some old hatchbacks and ate some chicken nuggets.

And for your time, and in honor of montego man’s dilemma - a Capri with louvers courtesy of curbside classics. Damn that’s a good looking fox body I saw his thread and immediately started searching for a Capri in my area, forgot to even reply.