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Going Insane

I have a compulsive need to try and get a showcar, borderline concours finish for my daily driver Mustang.

Grabber Blue is my favorite blue, but it hit me today that it’s got one horrendous flaw as a daily driver: When swirl free and polished up it looks absolutely stunning. But because it’s non-metallic, there’s absolutely nothing to hide the lightest of swirls and scratches


These are the swirls and scratches that drive me crazy and make me think I’m driving a hoopty; even if the car looks better than pretty much every mundane commuter car on a given day.

What happens is the lighter and more visible marks hide deeper and more numerous swirls and scratches and it’d take multiple passes with my DA to get them out, unless I burn through the clear then I’ve got a whole other problem.


Honestly, this is because of my overly critical nature of taking everything and anything I do too seriously. I think of my cars as an extension of myself (image, value, happiness): if my car looks like crap, I’m probably crap for some reason. But there’s no way a car that sees all seasons, road debris and freeways regularly will ever be perfect. Yet I strive to get as close as possible. 

Unfortunately, corporate america (again) is so draining, I can’t find the time or energy to spend a couple hours and do a full paint correction and detail, and that makes me sad. I just cannot find my compromise.

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