Part funded by some Christmas monies, very soon I will be investing in a GoPro Hero 4 Silver and a bunch of accessories. I know for sure that I'll buy the GoPro floaty stick and the dog harness, but I was hoping some of you could shed some light on the other aftermarket accessories out there? I will be using it for; Scuba diving, dog adventures, off-roading and some spirited driving on windy roads. Are there any good aftermarket car suction mounts out there? The GoPro one doesn't look like its got good articulation, so for example I couldn't mount it nice and low on the side of the car facing forward to watch the wheels turn. While I like an arty shot, I don't want a £300 camera being blown out because of a shitty mount. Also; any Scuba Steve's out there, what's worth a look in terms of lighting etc.?