Will be taking my GoPro.

The foundation has been laid to make my first foray into pro racing. Making the finals of the Champion Spark Plugs Search for a Champion contest has provided me with the budget to afford the expenses to make a solid attempt at campaigning a weekend in the F2000 Championship Series. Voting for the Grand Prize is still going on, so if you could follow the link below and cast a vote it would be huge in going toward running more than just one event. You can vote daily, so set a reminder and a bookmark and vote for the remainder of the contest.


The F2000 Series is and east coast based series that runs under the SCCA Pro sanction. Unlike USF2000 (the Indy sanctioned series) the F2000 series cars are not spec, so there are various chassis and open development (within a certain rule set). I've been trying for two years now to put together a program to give it a try. The ground work is now set. Even if there is still a lot of work to finish putting together my car and making the grid.


One of the things I'm really hoping to do with this is document the road from being a club racer to putting together a program to run a professionally sanctioned event. I'm sure a lot of Opponauts understand what it takes to compete, but maybe not what it involves to take the next step up the ladder. I know I don't. This spring I've got all sorts of testing and events planned to be as prepared as possible for the big event in July. Along the way I'll be taking my GoPro (and a bunch of other camera equipment) to video every step of the way. Now that the weather up here in Michigan is starting to take a turn for the better I hope to start putting together a first video. Is there anything of interest that people want to see? I have ideas for how and what I should show and plan to be completely open and honest about my development process. Is there anything in there that is most intriguing?

Keep an eye out for it on here in the near future.