Decided that instead of a miserable 11 hour drive or an expensive 2 hour flight, Iā€™d try a relaxed 12 hour train ride. Amtrak here I come.

Iā€™m in love with this Lamborghini concept

I like driving, but I hate the monotony of driving alone across Missouri and Illinois. Considering the 21-25mpg gas mileage that the TA gets Iā€™m pretty much spending the same amount to travel. I took Amtrak from STL to Chicago in high school for a scholar quiz championship and thoroughly enjoyed it. Add to that my experiences riding trains around the Czech Republic and I really think that this is the best way to travel...

Seriously, this thing is so cool
That headlight integration is amazing. Also look at that thru body aero.


...except that the train leaves here at 3:00am, which sucks so much.