Wish me luck. Tomorrow I will have the first half of ENEM (National Exam of High School), which is used to get admitted into of the Federal Universities (which are free and most of the time are the best in the country).

First day is 45 questions of Literature/Portuguese/English (, 45 of Geography/History/Sociology/Philosophy and a 30-lines argumentative-discursive essay of an unknown subject in 5 hours and a half.

Next Sunday is 45 of Math and 45 of Chemistry/Biology/Physics in 4 hours and a half. Each test is evaluated in 1000, total being 5000

I need to score at least 3800 of 5000 to get admitted to the College of Architecture and Urbanism of UFMG, which annoyingly became the best in the Brazil/Latin America this year (couldn’t wait a year, UFMG?). Around 6 million people will also do the exam, and a good chunk of them are trying for the second/third/fourth time, meaning that they had x years of studying exclusively for ENEM. This will be my first time, hopefully the only.