Oppo, friends, and family. Next week, I will be in the Mecca of the automotive world. Germany.

I've planned out just about the whole trip, and I've already asked just about everyone everywhere if they have any more ideas or advice, but I haven't really asked you guys.

Im flying into Frankfurt early next week, hopefully renting a small "premium" German hatchback, driving to the 'Ring the next day for a tourist day, next day driving to Wolfsburg to visit the VW Autostadt, driving to Berlin, watching a DTM race, going to the glass Phaeton factory, Audi Ingolstadt Forum, BMW Welt (no factory tours available), Dachau, Stuttgart, Porsche Museum, MB factory tour and museum, train to Le Mans (as long as I don't run out of funds by then...), watch Le Mans, train back to Stuttgart, chill for a few days, drive back up to Frankfurt and leave.

Am I missing ANYTHING? Do you have any advice to give me as a first time traveler to Germany? Are there any requests from you guys? Anything you guys want to see?

I'm bringing at least two GoPro's with me, my SLR, and some other garbage with me. Going to try and make a small "production" out of the trip.


I will be sure to post updates to Oppo as the trip goes on, it may even get annoying after a while, I apologize in advance.

Be sure to sound off in the comments!