Going to Look at a Thing

It’s a thing I can’t afford, but it’s a thing I can look at! Actually, they are looking for suckers customers who are willing to invest in a plane which would be leased to the flight school for use in training. I’ve heard horror stories about lease-backs, but I’ve also heard that when everything goes right, they can net you a tidy profit. I just don’t know the total risk.

So, I’m going to their event to hear what they have to say and maybe get a ride around the pattern in a brand new plane. This is their pitch:

“This free seminar will answer questions about aircraft performance, depreciation, ownership options, such as leasebacks, and financing. Come meet the experts! As a special treat, Cutter Aviation will have on display a brand new Piper Archer LX equipped with air-conditioning, Garmin G-1000 NXi, GFC 700 auto-pilot with ESP Stability Protection and more! Not only is this beauty on display for you to look at and sit in, it is also for sale! The listed price for this aircraft is $372,400. With the expert speakers on hand to answer your questions and to provide business strategies, this new Piper Archer LX could be yours!”


At that price, it most certainly won’t be mine. But I can hear them out, see if they have some handy tools for calculating the costs, and maybe apply them to something closer to my budget.

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