Going to Oppo PNW Spring Meet!

Just booked my flights for the Springtime Oppo Meet PNW! I was waffling about going but decided to go since I have never been to BC and flights were super cheap. Since I could go without taking any time off of work and the timing just happened to work out, it has been officially declared as a go!

I am flying into Seatac Friday night around 1030pm, renting a car from Hertz (hoping to upgrade to something fun), driving to a campground somewhere along the way to the border (or couch surfing or a cheap airbnb), joining up in Vancouver with the group Saturday, ideally camping somewhere near whistler on Saturday night, the fun driving Sunday, and then making my way back down Sunday evening for a 930pm flight back out of Seatac.


Last time I flew into Seatac and met up with some Oppos, I was able to rent an RF Miata from Enterprise. Hoping for something different this time but wouldn’t mind having that car again. I kind of want something with a V8 (Camaro SS would be sweet) but we shall see what’s available.

My camping plans should be interesting but considering I camped my way across the country in the month of Novemeber with a Miata, I think not much can really go wrong here. I cant pack my camp stove but I’ll see how I can get creative and make it an enjoyable camping adventure.


Who else is going? What are your plans?

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