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Going to see a NC on a dealer tomorrow (updated)

It always feels weird to go to a dealer not being prepared to buy. In the other hand, how can I be prepared to buy if I’ve never been inside that specific model?

Also i am curious if I’ll fit and feel good inside a Miata, being 6"2/260lb.


Saw 2 cars, a PHRT and a soft top.

PHRT was fine(ish). My head barely touched the roof. As it would be a second car, I wouldn’t complain in the few occasions where I’d ride with the top off. But PHRT is out of my eventual budget.


Soft top was disappointing, as one of the roof beams is right in my head. Either I’d slouch, or would have to change seats (and loose heating/airbag) or go for mods on seat rails etc, because even in the occasional ride with the top up, I’d be pissed.

So it seems that no MX-5 to me.


After it sinking on for some hours, maybe i liked the car enough to go after a solution.


Lowering seat rails can cause problems with insurance and safety (probably)

Changing seats... need to understand how much comfort I'll sacrifice.

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