Going to Sequoia National Park Next Weekend

Just booked a campsite at Sequoia National Park next weekend. Really been a while since I did a dedicated camping trip and I haven’t been to this park yet, so it should be a good time. They still have quite a bit of snow up there so I’m in debate between bringing the Miata or Subaru, but the roads should be clear assuming it doesn’t snow again. There is just always something special about Miata camping trips. It seems almost too easy in the Subaru plus there are definitely some fun twisty roads worth enjoying in the Miata. I plan on getting up there Friday morning, seeing some tall trees with easy hikes, making some epic camp meals, and ideally doing a harder hike during the day Saturday.


This seems like a properly twisty road to enjoy Friday morning before the crowds show up for the weekend. It’s only about 3.5 hours from home to the campground at the base of the park so it should be easy enough to get in nice and early.

I've gotta try to find this view if possible! 

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