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Going to Spain in June!

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My girlfriend and I are planning another European adventure this year (We did Norway and Italy in 2016). As of this morning, we just booked flights from LAX to Barcelona, Spain. We got a screaming deal of $169 for a direct flight on Iberia. For context, this is an 11 hour 30 minute flight and I have definitely paid more to fly from NJ to CA (a 5 hour domestic flight). Our goal is to spend a few days there before taking a cheap (sub $50) flight to London for the Wimbeldon tennis tournament. No idea how/when we are returning home yet but that is later’s problem. It will certainly cost more but we are waiting on some deals to pop up for early July.


Anyways, now comes time to plan the actual trip. We plan to spend some time in Barcelona of course and then also venture out to explore the countryside via a rental car. I really want to find a Turo equivalent there to rent something better than a shitty diesel hatchback but cheap Euro rentals can be fun in their own way. So if anyone has been to Spain and driven around a bit, what are cool places to go drive around?

A Spanish car would be most appropriate for the journey!
A Spanish car would be most appropriate for the journey!

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