Going to the body shop for quotes in the morning.

Laundry list of items to get quotes on...

  • Roof holes repair & repaint.
  • Paint New Front Left Fender
  • Paint New Bumper Cover (no holes for push bumpers, this is a vanity bumper cover for exhibitions)
  • Re-paint Replacement Header Panel
  • Re-paint & install rear trunk lid with new rear fascia (chrome trim)
  • Re-align body panels
  • Re-paint new Setina PB400 Push Bumpers & hardware (Silver Birch Metallic w/ Clear)
  • Strip & Re-paint used Setina PB5 Fender Guards & hardware (Silver Birch Metallic w/ Clear)
  • Strip paint off old bumper cover & primer for truck bed liner coat (to be used in conjunction with pushbar installation)

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