Going to the body shop in my work clothes saved me money

First off, the engineer who designed the headlights on my mazda 3 can punch himself in the face! I’ve changed headlight bulbs before, but when changing the bulbs out on the mazda 3 I bought 3 months ago I struggled for 90 minutes before giving up.

Onto the story: so I work for a car rental agency at SFO. All airport car rental places are too busy to fix all their cars themselves, so we will outsource major repair work to whatever body shop is nearest to the airport.

After failing to install a headlight bulb into my mazda 3, I figured I’d cold call the shop my company gets our body shop work done. I bought my car into the shop before work, and lo-and-behold everybody that worked there thought I was inquiring about our rental cars. I just told them that I needed my headlight replaced, and they fixed it for free.


The previous owner of my car left plenty of scratches and scrapes on the car. When I finally get around to fixing the damage on my personal car, I know what shop I’m going too.

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