Each year I usually write a few posts regarding the Chicago Auto Show, and this year will be no different. Unfortunately, the Upper Midwest Kinja team isn’t going together this year, but I’m going bright and early tomorrow!

Since smart does have the new model out (and smart USA does pay attention to my opinion of their booths every year), I might write about smart.

But I want to open it up to Oppo. Is there any car you want me to go after and possibly write about as well? Want it to be informational? Funny? Or just a photo dump? Since I’ll be going as social media press, there will not be much in the way of someone ruining my pics!

I’m doing a little more this year than last. I’m going to wear a really special dress (that might just out-dress some booth professionals), and I’m bringing a few smartphones instead of the giant iPad + smartphone that I had last year.