...sort of...

Mini trip for me, since a straight drive from Vancouver to Seattle is less than 140 miles. YMMV.

What I am really talking about is the car scene in Vancouver. It's just so much heavy on exoctic side. I don't want to make assumption but I have a few guess-answer for that. However, I am not here to speculate, I am just an average Joe putting a Merc picture on Oppo and express my lust over cars.

How would you like to wake up to this?

I stayed at the hotel across from this car, and while my little family stroll to Tim Horton, I had to stop to snap a quick picture.


On this trip I also see Ferrari 360 (not Doug's...or is it?), DB9, Porsche Panamera Turbo S, Honda NSX, too many E90 M3, too many Merc C63.

Oh, and population of Bentley in Vancouver is arguably bigger than Tesla's in Seattle.

No Lambo this trip, I have seen some, probably not shopping on a Boxing day.

Fun times.