Reviews have been good so far. Honestly, I felt they went downhill after Mi2 but I really liked the previous one (Rogue Nation) so hoping to see some good action especially from the Mustache of Steel UPDATE Review(No spoilers): Guys, Guys, Guys! You gotta watch this one. THE best Mission Impossible movie of the series. My new favorite followed by Rogue Nation then MI1 , Mi2 the rest are meh IMO.

I enjoyed this a lot (on IMAX) The stunts and action scenes are on a whole new level. “Intense” is the word. There were some truly edge of the seat scenes and some that made the audience gasp, and wince. Story is little run of the mill but the journey to the end is just simply thrilling. You need to know a little bit of the back story of the main characters though. Good acting all around. Some of the usual Mission Impossible tropes are there definitely but it doesn’t feel like “Oh no not this again” but rather “AHA! this one”. The Bathroom fight scene start to end is easily one of my favorite scenes, and there are many many great sequences, believe me. The best thing is all the stunts where you see Tom Cruise, it’s actually him. no stunt double wearing his rubber mask, no CGI. He trained 1 year for the helicopter scene from the trailer. This guy’s the real deal Action Superstar no matter what you think of him personally.


97% on Rotten Tomatoes, 86% Metacritic , IMDB 8.6/10 18,533

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