This has almost nothing to do with the car itself, just my mindset. It starts thusly:

Wow, an all wheel drive station wagon that (will ALLEGEDLY eventually be equipped with)‘s 3-pedaled. This is everything I could want perhaps.

But wait, I don’t really need all wheel drive at all. I could save $5,000 and get a base Golf wagon with a stick. Perfect car for me.

Hang on, a new iM costs just as much that, and I like that a lot, too. Yeah it’s a hatchback and not full wagon but the seats fold down like any other car, and even with the seats up the space is good enough.

Although, why would I buy one new? I found some used iMs that are under $14,000 with well under 50k miles. That would be the smart decision.


But man, at this price range, I could something way more interesting. Multiple vehicles, even! A Land Cruiser, maybe. Or perhaps a manual Allroad AND a loaded T100. Or a 318ti, SC400, and a Prizm GSI!

Ah, fuck it. Tercel wagon and savings account it is.