Golf Clubs Are NOT a Unit of Measurement!!!

What is with America and using random variably sized shit to create units of measurement?! Automakers, when you build a sportscar and want to use an object in order to hide the fact that the volume is small, use a meaningful item. My suggestion, 22 inch roller bags. The largest carryon size you can take onto any US domestic flight from any airline. Golf clubs can go in the passenger seat or be brought in a different vehicle. If a customer complains they can’t fit three sets of clubs inside their 2-seat sports car, let them know about the great lease deals you have for Macan, Cayenne, and Panamera.

If you can’t fit two carryon bags per passenger in a vehicle, then that’s a fault! Your car goes away but your cargo stays? Let’s not become answers to a riddle, kin.


I feel like these two pictures sum up the comparison between Jaguar and Porsche.

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