Golf R Downhill And Build Update

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Yeah. Didn’t realize how fast these were. 292hp @ about 3,300lbs and so stable. I can say this from seeing one up close, going flat out on a very narrow windy downhill road that had me reminiscing Nurburgring runs in gran turismo. It was shocking. It also made me realize how sh*t my stock suspension is and how I will definitely benefit from some 205s on my newly installed 15x7 wheels. To be honest it had me in a bad mood. I don’t like losing. I don’t like it. Even keeping in mind I didn’t go flat out, I didn’t know the road, and my na8 isn’t in the same league. Now I’m looking at coilovers and sway bars... I will get my revenge!


Anyways on to the update:

Upgraded from my factory Enkeis (15lbs) to some 10lb Advanti wheels and man do they feel better. I’d equate it to going from hiking boots to running shoes. Offset is perfect at +35. Says I need 1.2 negative camber or better to run 205/50s. I forget what I’m at and will prob get an alignment again and coilovers before new tires anyways. Also black because I’ve always wanted black wheels and they’re gorgeous.


Also upgraded to a fully countersunk 1lb Moddiction shift knob. Coming from a regular Voodoo knob weighing in at maybe 1/3 of that, I now see the light. A properly weighted shift knob is key. It has made shifting so much more consistent and smooth. Also it is lower by about almost an inch, which I like. Plus it looks so much more sleek.


Also a thank you to Astheticsinmotion for the recommendation of a broadway rear view mirror attachment. It gives me visibility back, as with my Sparco in I can’t really look behind me as I used to. You could imagine this makes parallel parking, lane changing, or even reversing out of a spot slightly nerve racking. It’s a learning curve with a change in the way I drive, but Broadway’s convex mirror lessens that curve. I got the 300mm, but just ordered the 270mm to compare. I’ll prob give the 300mm to my gf.

That’s it for now. Been busy with life things. How’s Oppo. Any recommendations for budget coilovers? Or other suspension advice?

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